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The brilliant lights of Hong Kong's cityscape and the dramatic South China Sea provide the backdrop for concierge-level suites at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, one of two new hotels at the newest Disney Vacation Kingdom -- Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.  Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel features world-class facilities, themed dining experiences and Disney's famous guest hospitality.  The Victorian-styled resort hotel features 400 rooms, two restaurants, grand ballroom, indoor and outdoor pools, spa, gift shop, four-story atrium lobby, Mickey Mouse-inspired maze and concierge-level suites.

Victorian Opulence and Modern Luxury Create a Hotel
Like No Other at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

(HONG KONG, August 9, 2005) - Rising majestically on the shores of Penny's Bay, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel recalls the romance and luxury of grand, Victorian-era hotels made famous in England, Europe and America.

It's a style British architects brought to Asia more than 100 years ago - now reborn in this elegant, 400-room, six-story flagship hotel of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

A cream-colored showplace accented by gabled, red-shingled roofs, towering turrets, balustrades, lacelike latticework, ornate scrollwork, turnposts and curved moldings typical of the Victorian era, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel also was inspired by sister hotels Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa (at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida) and Disneyland Hotel (Disneyland Paris).

For all its grandeur, there's a playful side architecturally to the hotel, leading designers to dub its style "Micktorian" (a combination of "Mickey," as in "Mickey Mouse," and "Victorian"). Traditional dark woods and colors of the Victorian era give way to light woods, soft springlike colors and printed wall coverings with a hint of Disney whimsy.

"Like all Disney resorts around the world, the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel has a distinctive theme that carries through the architecture, landscape, furnishings and even the costumes worn by the hotel's cast members," said Wing Chao, Executive Vice President, Master Planning, Architecture and Design for Walt Disney Imagineering. "Guests staying at the hotel will be transported back in time to the elegance and romance of the Victorian era with an architectural style and atmosphere like no other."

In fact, it is Walt Disney Imagineering - the creative arm of The Walt Disney Company that designs and builds all of the spectacular Disney theme parks - that also creates the themed resort hotels for Disney guests around the world.

Like other resort hotels WDI creates, the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is an immersive experience, from the entryway through the lobby, including restaurants and recreation, guestrooms and pools.

Every detail, from the carpet design to the lobby background music to what cast members wear, is carefully selected to contribute to the resort's theme.

Grand Interiors
Guests entering Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel are greeted with the elegance and excitement of a large atrium lobby that has become the hallmark of Disney's deluxe hotels worldwide.

Tall, majestic palms and ferns set the tone in the grand lobby which rises four stories to a spectacular ceiling adorned with two massive stained-glass domes and ornate chandeliers. This is the hub of all hotel activity and offers guests breathtaking garden and water views through soaring glass. With large-paned windows throughout, the hotel is filled with natural light.

A nostalgic birdcage-style elevator, stylish walkways aloft and the Sorcerer's Lounge complete the lobby area, providing guests the perfect space to see and be seen, or to plan and recap their day in the Hong Kong Disneyland Park which sits just minutes away.

Guestrooms feature curved moldings, armoires, granite-topped sinks and flat-screen televisions. Evocative of a bygone time, rooms are adorned in soft spring colors, light woods and printed wall coverings. Most rooms include two queen-sized beds.

The topmost level is the Concierge floor, providing deluxe guestrooms as well as 15 Disney-themed suites, each featuring a parlor plus one to three bedrooms. Along with the deluxe accommodations, this area features a generous concierge lounge where guests can enjoy breakfast and also evening cocktails as they take in spectacular views of the theme park. To get to the rooms: lifts where Mickey Mouse's distinctive voice calls out each floor.

As in other areas of the resort, the mouse-eared silhouette of Mickey is subtly included in many places within the hotel. Called "Hidden Mickeys" by Disney fans worldwide, the familiar silhouette is all part of Disney's attention to detail, another hallmark of the company.

Inside Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Hidden Mickeys can be found in the carpet designs, buttons, dinnerware and railings - even the tops of the pillbox hats worn by bellhops.

Captivated guests also find other Disney characters, such as Snow White's Seven Dwarfs marching around a vanity mirror or the face of Sneezy (one of the Seven Dwarfs) whimsically on a facial tissue holder.

Even the entryway to Crystal Lotus, the hotel's signature contemporary Chinese restaurant, pours on the Disney magic. Guests pass above the see-through floor of a virtual koi pond. As they step onto the surface, rushing water is heard and ripples spread as the colorful "fish" dart about.

Putting Families First
More than furnishings make the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel distinctive. The resort is one of the few "family hotels" in Asia Pacific offering complete facilities designed for children, parents and grandparents. And there are guest benefits galore.

"Our focus on families and children literally extends the unique Disney theme park experience exclusively for our hotel guests," said Don Robinson, Group Managing Director, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. "Breakfast with Mickey Mouse and his friends, wake-up calls from Mickey and the magic of Disney Fairy Tale Weddings are just a few examples of how Disney creates a memorable experience for our hotel guests."

Disney Dining, Meeting Facilities, Other Services Abound
Various dining locations offer guests mouth-watering choices: from quick and casual at Sorcerer's Lounge to fine dining at Crystal Lotus Restaurant, featuring fine Asian cuisine themed after the five essentials of life - wood, metal, earth, fire and water (highlighted at the entryway by that virtual koi pond).

The ultimate in Disney character dining can be found in the conservatory-like setting of the lamp-lit Enchanted Garden Restaurant offering exquisite buffet-style meals. And there's the Sea Breeze Bar, outside and poolside.

The hotel's Grand Ballroom features softly colored but intensely patterned wallpaper and 15 massive crystal and gold chandeliers. In the Grand Stair Hall, crystals are in the shape of Cinderella's Glass Slipper.

A lucky "888" square meters in size (the second-largest ballroom in Hong Kong), it is the center of the hotel's excellent convention and business facilities and ideal for weddings, receptions and other galas.

Along with meticulous accommodations, Disney's guest services 24 hours a day and Disney's world-famous attention to detail, guests also will find the Grand Salon for afternoon high tea, a Disney retail shop ("Kingdom Gifts"), scheduled recreational activities and themed, indoor and outdoor pools.

Victorian Spa Pampers, Rejuvenates
The Victorian Spa at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel elevates guest service to a grander level of indulgence with full-service spa treatments and services. The luxurious spa will offer an extensive program of beautifying and wellness services designed to lift the spirit, relax the mind and invigorate the body.

Inside this wellness sanctuary are a beauty/barbering salon plus 10 individual treatment rooms (including two stand-alone, Victorian-style baths) all exquisitely designed to complement the Victorian theme of the hotel.

Deluxe male and female changing rooms feature spectacular individual whirlpools as well as steam room and sauna for pre- and post-treatment relaxation. The mural-filled swimming pool befits any magazine cover.

Lush Landscape
The grounds celebrate the hotel they surround. Majestic palm trees and flowering shrubs and groundcover encircle the building with magnificent gardens.

From the formal gardens, guests get grand views of the verdant hills, the South China Sea and the nightly fireworks extravaganza exploding above adjacent Hong Kong Disneyland Park.

For "I dos" there's a garden gazebo straight from a storybook, the perfect setting for Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings.

An unusual novelty is the traditional British garden maze (with a Disney touch) in the shape of Mickey Mouse. The garden features boxwood-style hedges trimmed just high enough for children to lose themselves (but not their parents). For those who'd rather just spectate the maze is viewable from the hotel's Grand Lobby.

Feng Shui
Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel worked with a feng shui master from Hong Kong in positioning the buildings and entrances throughout the resort.

His advice included making sure the main entrance faced north to south, oriented to ensure maximum advantage from the Green Dragon Mountain to the east and White Tiger Mountain to the west. Doorways are placed to maximize the flow of positive energy. Water themes also dominate throughout the resort, in restaurants and lounges.

Booking & Benefits
For bookings, guests can contact the Hotel Reservations Hotline at (852) 1830-830, their local travel agent or online.

Among the many benefits available to guests of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel...

  • Guaranteed entrance to the theme park with purchase of theme park tickets.
  • Complimentary shuttle service between the hotel and park.
  • Merchandise purchased in the theme park will be delivered to the resort at no additional charge.
  • Complimentary valet parking and self-parking at the hotel as well as complimentary self-parking in the theme park
  • Complimentary mini-bar - snacks, water, soft drinks.
  • Complimentary use of gym (The Victorian Spa).
  • Complimentary high-speed Internet access.
  • Nightly in Kingdom Club, bedtime stories will be read to children.
  • Children's activities.

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    About Hong Kong Disneyland
    The Hong Kong Disneyland project was announced in 1999 as a venture between The Walt Disney Company and the Hong Kong SAR Government. With the completion of reclamation for Hong Kong Disneyland Phase I by the Hong Kong SAR Government, theme park and resort construction began in January 2003, with the project now scheduled to open on 12th September, 2005. At opening day, Hong Kong Disneyland will comprise a theme park and two Disney-themed hotels.

    The Phase I build-out includes a projected 10 million annual visitor Disneyland-style theme park, 2,100 hotel rooms, and an area for retail, dining and entertainment. The project is estimated to create 18,000 new jobs at opening (both Disney and other employment) growing to 36,000 once the first park reaches build-out. The Hong Kong SAR Government estimated that the first phase of the project will generate a present economic value of HK$148 billion (US$19 billion) in benefits to Hong Kong over a 40-year period.

    To book a magical vacation at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disney's Hollywood Hotel, please contact:
    Hong Kong Disneyland Reservation Center
    Telephone: 852-1830-830
    Opening Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm (Hong Kong time), 7-days a week

    Guests can also purchase park tickets online.

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