Additional Information for China residents

The following provisions provide additional information in relation to the Personal Information Protection Law (“PIPL”) of the People’s Republic of China (“China”), if you reside in China and/or the PIPL applies to you.

This Additional Information Notice should be read in conjunction with the Privacy Policy and is not intended to supersede or override it. For the purposes of this Additional Information Notice, “Privacy Policy” means the The Walt Disney Company Privacy Policy and/or the Hongkong International Theme Parks Limited and Hong Kong Disneyland Management Limited Privacy Policy, as each applies to you.

a. Collection and use of your personal information

Under the PIPL, 'personal information' means any information, whether recorded in electronic or another format, that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person, excluding anonymised information. 'Sensitive personal information ' means personal information that, if leaked or if used illegally, is likely to cause harm to a natural person's personal dignity or endanger his or her personal safety or the safety of his or her property.

We may collect your sensitive personal information, such as personal identity information (ID card, resident card, passport), biometric information (facial recognition features, physical appearance), financial information (credit card information, digital wallets, transaction records), location data (geolocation, records of places you have been), health information, sexual orientation, gender identification, marital history, religion, disability, communications records and content (chat, contacts, call history, web browsing history, mobile app and social media history) and the personal information of persons under the age of 14.

We will only process sensitive personal information in the limited circumstances where permitted by law and only if strict protection measures are put in place and only with your consent. It is necessary for us to process your sensitive personal information for these purposes and the specific purposes described in the Privacy Policy.

We collect and process the types of personal information, including sensitive personal information, as set out in the Privacy Policy only for specified, explicit and reasonable purposes set out in the Privacy Policy and to the extent directly relevant to the purposes of processing.

We may process your personal information for the purposes set out in the Privacy Policy if one of the following applies:

  • with your prior consent to the processing for one or more specific purposes as set out in the Privacy Policy;
  • processing of your personal information is necessary to conclude or perform a contract to which you are is party;
  • processing is necessary for compliance with any statutory duties or legal obligations;
  • processing is necessary in order to, in an emergency, to protect the lives, health or property of natural persons;
  • your personal information has been made public by you or has otherwise been lawfully made public, the processing is done pursuant to the PIPL and the extent the processing is reasonable; or
  • the processing is done in other circumstances provided for in applicable laws or administrative regulations.
b. How we share your personal information

We may share certain personal information internally with our affiliates or with third parties, such as suppliers and vendors as set out in and described in more detail in the Privacy Policy. Some of these recipients may be based outside of China. Where required by applicable law, before sharing your personal information with any such recipients, we will, notify you of the name and contact details of the recipients, the purposes and means of processing and provision of the personal information, and the types of personal information to be provided and shared, and obtain your prior consent to the sharing of personal information. Please contact Personal Data Manager at for more information about these recipients.

We will only share and transfer your personal information for specific and definite purposes pursuant to the principles of lawfulness, fairness, necessity and good faith, and only share and transfer the personal information to the extent necessary for the specific purposes you are informed of. Before sharing or transferring your personal information, we will follow and adopt the applicable process and requirements required by the applicable law in respect of transfer of your personal information.

c. Your Choices and Rights

In addition to your right to request access to, and correction of, your personal information as set out in the Privacy Policy, you may also exercise your other privacy rights, including your right to know about and decide on the processing of your personal information, supplement inaccurate or incomplete personal information, portability, withdrawal of consent with future effect and request an explanation of the rules governing the processing of your personal information.

This Privacy Policy is not intended to and do not grant individuals any additional rights beyond those provided under the PIPL.

You can make exercise your rights using the contact details set out in the Privacy Policy.

d. Changes to this Additional Information Notice

We may change the Privacy Policy and/or this Additional Information Notice from time to time. When making any such changes, we will, if required by applicable law, notify you of such changes and obtain your prior consent.