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Mystic Point

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Discovery, Outdoor

Stroll through a stately garden filled with curious archaeological antiquities that create wondrous 3D illusions.

Seeing Is Believing

There’s more than meets the eye at this retreat located across from Mystic Manor.

Roam a well-manicured garden of 3 ornate exhibits from around the globe and discover something fascinating in their curious arrangements: when glimpsed through a special viewing station, an optical illusion reveals an entirely new marvel.

Watch as 3 statues—a firebird, a Chinese unicorn and a carp—transform into one striking sculpture right before your eyes.

Focus your gaze at this extravagant carving to spy a celestial being from Mesopotamian mythology, the Lamassu.

See the Roman god of the sea, Neptune, spring to life when viewing this mosaic through the strategically positioned oculus.
Visit Lord Henry Mystic’s Garden of Wonders today; it’s out of sight!

1-Day Standard Day Ticket
General Admission
(Ages 12 - 64)
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Monday, November 29, 2021

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