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Mistakenly built on geysers, the old town of Grizzly Gulch—dubbed Geyser Gulch—is home to all sorts of water-logged fun!

The Wild, Wild (and Wet) West

A leaky tower, an old geyser and a watery battle between 2 stores invite daring prospectors to splash it up and cool off.

Welcome to Grizzly Gulch, a colorful mining town established in 1888 during the prosperous days of the Gold Rush. Accidently constructed atop a bed of active geysers, the town was literally sinking and financially underwater. But when gold was discovered in nearby Big Grizzly Mountain, the town’s fortune changed. Today, Grizzly Gulch has been lovingly renamed Geyser Gulch by the locals, and even though the water still flows, the place is erupting with fun.

The Water Tower
This landmark—the town’s original water tower—is leaking and has recently begun to list sideways, threatening to unload its contents. Those brave enough to get close can expect a light rain from the tiny holes in the tank. Beware the hanging cord, though: one pull and a spray of water may shoot out over the awning at innocent passers-by.

Lucky Springs Geyser
Smack dab in the center of Geyser Gulch is this huge old natural fountain. According to legend, if Lucky Springs Geyser erupts while you’re making a wish, your wish will come true. Whether you believe it or not, one thing is for certain: if you’re standing too close when she does erupt, you will definitely get wet!

A Feudin’ Deluge
There’s a little friendly competition between a blacksmith shop and a dry goods store. The bellows that once fanned the smithy’s fire now pump water in the direction of the dry goods store. But the dry goods store owners are fighting back—they’ve taken possession of a shipment of bellows meant for the blacksmith shop, and are using them to squirt water back in that direction. You’re invited to grab a bellow and join in the watery warfare.

Grizzly Gulch Jailhouse and Assay Office

When traveling through Grizzly Gulch, be sure to snap pictures of these 2 historic sites. At the Grizzly Gulch Jailhouse, take a photo inside an abandoned cell, or “picture yourself” in one of 3 old-time “wanted” posters. In front of the Grizzly Gulch Assay Office, pose alongside the largest piece of gold ever unearthed in the gulch, nicknamed the Lucky Nugget, and learn the story behind its discovery.

You can even embark on a treasure hunt for gold nuggets hidden throughout town by Lucky the Dog, the town's fetching mascot. If you locate a chunk, stake your claim by taking a photograph to share with family and friends! How many can you find?

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Saturday, May 28, 2022

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