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Can you remove Excalibur from the great stone in front of Cinderella Carousel—and become ruler of the realm?

Take the Blade

Merlin the Magician is recruiting young ladies and squires throughout the kingdom for a test of strength and courage.

Inspired by the myths of young King Arthur, the Sword in the Stone invites Guests to try and pull Excalibur—the legendary enchanted sword—from a solid bronze anvil embedded in a great grey boulder. As the legend goes, only someone with honor, decency and inner strength can remove the sword and become the recognized ruler of England.

Are you the rightful heir to the throne? Test your 'mettle' by taking on the fabled King Arthur legend.

A Legend Is Born

Sword in the Stone is based on the 1963 Disney animated movie of the same name. Bringing to life the timeless legend of King Arthur, the movie—adapted from the T.H. White novel—recounts Arthur’s rise from young squire to heroic king, with help from kindly wizard Merlin. Boasting dazzling animated sequences, memorable characters and original songs by Disney Legends Richard and Robert Sherman—known for the beloved park attraction song “it’s a small world”—The Sword in the Stone is a cherished classic.

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Saturday, January 18, 2020

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