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Climb to high adventure—and behold sweeping park views—during a walk-through tour of Tarzan’s jungle home.

Live the Wild Life

Explore Tarzan’s amazing living conditions and relive his jungle story at this attraction based on the hit Disney film.

Cast off on a log raft across the Rivers of Adventure to Tarzan Island in the heart of Adventureland. Upon your arrival, climb a wooden staircase made of salvaged shipwreck items and cross a suspension bridge to reach Tarzan’s jungle treehouse.

Overgrown with vines and moss, the stately tree house is home to vignettes from Tarzan's amazing life story. As you make your way up and around the towering tree, behold cleverly constructed rooms and illustrations from Jane's sketchbook that provide vivid details of Tarzan’s life—including how he was saved from the savage leopard Sabor, raised by kindly gorilla Kala and loved by Jane Porter.

Relive the life and times of Tarzan during your tour of his treetop home. Sights you will see include:  

  • The Family Hut
  • Broken bamboo shelves, dilapidated debris and deep claw marks are a harsh reminder of Sabor’s surprise attack.  

  • The Study
  • See Tarzan hang from a tree limb and pose for Jane as she sketches in her book. 

  • The Laboratory
  • Investigate Jane's collection of scientific equipment, including a magic lantern that projects scenes of Tarzan’s life story which you control. 

  • The Kitchen
  • Play musical pots and pans, crank a whirligig to create the sound of rain and tap a xylophone at this open-air dining area.

A Bird-Eye View

Explore a soaring 19-meter tree with 717 branches containing over 10,000 leaves. Created by Disney Imagineers, the tree’s scientific name is Disneydendron semperflorens grandis or “large ever-blooming Disney tree.” As you near the top, enjoy spectacular views of Adventureland, Hyperspace Mountain in Tomorrowland and Big Grizzly Mountain in Grizzly Gulch.

Climb a Tree

In order to reach the top of the treehouse, you must be able to climb a total of 157 steps and navigate raised platforms.

Please note that Guests using wheelchairs can access some areas of Tarzan Island.

The Tale of Tarzan

Tarzan’s Treehouse recreates the story of Tarzan from the 1999 Disney animated film Tarzan. This hit movie was based on the 1914 novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs entitled Tarzan of the Apes about a man who, after being raised by apes, is discovered by modern civilization deep in the jungle. In addition to over 26 books, Tarzan has been featured in movies, comics, radio shows and TV series, making him one of the most popular and successful characters in pop culture.

'TARZAN' is owned by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. and used by permission. © 1999 Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. and Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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