Explorer's Club Restaurant

Hong Kong Disneyland Park

Mystic Point

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Asian, Halal, Vegetarian Cuisine

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$$ (HK$100 - HK$200) More Information - "Range reflects the average price of an adult meal excluding alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. "

Embark on a tasty adventure as you dine on 4 dashing international cuisines in 5 rooms themed to exotic locales.

Explore a World of Flavors

Discover a globetrotting menu of daringly delicious flavors from India, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. Select your favorite dishes from the 4 food stations, pay for your meal and settle in to recount your adventures at one of 5 elaborately themed dining rooms.

Uncover Indian Spice like sensational butter chicken Masala or hearty roasted red curry beef rib. Survey the edible landscape of Japan by ordering a crunchy deep-fried chicken steak with vegetable fried rice or shabu-shabu with mixed vegetables.

Still searching for an undiscovered continent of flavors? Set sail for Korean classics like steamy ginseng chicken soup, Korean beef or Korean deep-fried chicken. Make the find of a lifetime with Southeast Asian favorites including Nasi Goreng and Vietnamese seafood noodle soup.

No matter which direction your compass points, you’re sure to encounter an unimaginable abundance of great food.

Halal Cuisine
All meat items served in Explorer's Club Restaurant are certified by The Incorporated Trustees of The Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong.

All menu items are subject to change without notice.

Dine Around the World

Lord Henry Mystic built his club to resemble 5 countries that he admired—China, India, Russia, Morocco and Egypt. As a member of the renowned Society of Explorers and Adventurers, Lord Mystic traveled the world in search of uncharted lands and extraordinary artifacts. He built Explorer's Club Restaurant to welcome fellow club members and to pay tribute to some of the society’s favorite places.

While the exterior and main hall of the club are faithful to the predominant Victorian architecture of the time—with eclectic touches inspired by North Africa and Indonesia—the 5 incredible dining rooms contain the materials and treasures that Lord Mystic brought back from exotic regions that he explored.

The Chinese Room features rich black, red and gold colors offset by an exquisite jade sculpture of an elegant dancer from the Tang dynasty. Not to be outdone, the striking Indian Room is burnished with lavish dark wood paneling, intricate carvings and ornate crystal chandeliers.

The skillfully crafted wall molding and fine ceramic tiles decorating the stove bring warmth to the cozy Russian Room. Most dramatically, the light and airy Moroccan Room is contrasted with the adjoining dark and tomb-like Egyptian Room—which is the resting place to a gold-laden sarcophagus.

Fans of the Adventurers Club at Walt Disney World Resort will recognize the tribal masks in the Explorer's Club Restaurant entry hall. The masks were relocated here after the venerable Florida institution completed its last adventure.

Explorer's Club Restaurant

12:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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