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Dining – Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of food guests can bring into the park? Any limitations?
Guests are allowed to bring individual portioned food and beverage items into the Park for self-consumption. For example, apples, bananas, bags of chips, packaged biscuits, bread and sandwiches, etc. are allowed.

In order to ensure food safety and positive Guest experiences, food which needs to be heated, reheated, processed, refrigerated or temperature controlled will not be allowed. Any raw meat, sashimi or any food with pungent smells are also banned. For example, instant noodles that require hot water, food kept in containers with reheating capabilities such as self-cooking hotpots, fruits that require processing with knife such as whole watermelon or pineapple, cakes that require temperature control, durian products, stinky tofu, strong smelling cheese, strong smelling fish or seafood will not be allowed. Meanwhile, alcoholic beverages, cans or glass containers cannot be brought to the park.