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Magic Access Membership – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ticket Tag scanning system?
The Ticket Tag system is a quick and convenient way for you to verify your identity at the Hong Kong Disneyland Park entrance. We simply scan your right thumb and then compare it to the scan that was previously associated to your ticket or Magic Access Membership card.

When you pass through the entrance, insert your ticket into the reader and place your thumb on the scanning device while your card is being read. Collect your ticket and enjoy the park―it’s that easy!

If you are unable to scan your right thumb, please show your personal identification with your Magic Access Membership card to enter the park.

The Ticket Tag system uses biometric technology that randomly identifies sample points on your thumbprint. The sampled data is translated into a numerical value that is used to associate you with your ticket. The data collected from your thumb is encrypted so it may only be used to verify that you are the correct ticket holder. No actual thumbprint image is scanned, stored, transmitted or saved.