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Disney Photopass Service – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Disney PhotoPass service?
Disney PhotoPass is a service that allows you to take and purchase keepsake photos of your visit to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Disney PhotoPass photographers are available at multiple locations at Hong Kong Disneyland Park and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort hotels, ready to take pictures of you and your group.

There is no cost to have pictures taken. The photographer will hand you a card that you can use at subsequent photo locations to identify all your photos.

Before the end of the day, go to any photo sales location at the park or either hotel to preview your pictures. You may purchase only the photos you want, and later access your purchased photos online to share with family and friends.

The photos taken by Disney PhotoPass photographers are stored only for the day on which they are taken, and will be deleted after park closing.

You may view and download your purchased photos by signing in to the Disney PhotoPass website. There is no cost to register for an account.

Look for Disney PhotoPass photographers at:Preview and purchase your pictures at photo sales locations throughout Hong Kong Disneyland Resort: