Shorten your wait time with a FASTPASS. Get your pass in advance for selected attractions and return within specific time frames. Valid only on the day of issue.

Save Time in Line

If you see a long line at an attraction and prefer to come back at a designated time with a shorter line, you can! Get a FASTPASS ticket—at no extra charge.

How FASTPASS works:

  1. See if there is a FASTPASS distribution sign near the entrance of the attraction you want to ride. You can also check the Guide Map.
  2. Look at the return time displayed on the sign.
    • If the return time works for you, scan your valid park admission ticket at the FASTPASS machine.
    • The machine will generate a FASTPASS ticket printed with your return time.
    • Return to the FASTPASS return entrance at your return time, show your FASTPASS ticket to the Cast Member at the attraction and enjoy a minimal wait in line.
FASTPASS attractions include:FASTPASS attractions are subject to change and are only available to Guests with valid park admission tickets.

Keep in Mind

  • FASTPASS tickets are valid only on the day of issue.
  • Everyone in your party using the FASTPASS return entrance must have a FASTPASS ticket.
  • FASTPASS machines will not issue another ticket until the time has passed on your current one.
  • FASTPASS tickets are subject to availability.
A valid FASTPASS ticket displays the attraction name, a time period you can return to the attraction and a time when you can get another FASTPASS ticket.

An invalid FASTPASS ticket shows you the reason why your FASTPASS is invalid and the time when you can get another FASTPASS ticket.


Please visit our FAQs or view FASTPASS samples.

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