Introducing an All-New Duffy Fans-tasy at Hong Kong Disneyland

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Every Duffy and Friends story is about sincere friendship and a deep relationship with passionate fans. Whether you like to express your fandom by dressing up, taking photos, or sharing fanchant with cheers at the park, you help create memorable moments and build a magical Duffy Fans-tasy world at every turn. And, on September 9, 2022, an epic new fans-tasy chapter begins for you and all your besties! Soon, you can make even more marvelous memories together with LinaBell at Hong Kong Disneyland. Duffy’s curious, playful, and fanciful new friend - with her bushy tail, bright blue eyes, long pointy ears tied with an orchid, and a signature magnifying glass  - can’t wait to share enchanting stories and new collectibles with you. Ever since this adorable little fox helped Duffy find his way through the forest, they became best friends. And her cuteness and charm continues to capture the hearts of fans, which is sure to fill the park with adorable fanchant. So, let your greatest fans-tasy take flight and come to meet and greet LinaBell with your biggest smiles yet!

Purchase LinaBell's hottest merchandise only via the eStore starting August 22, 2022. Please check out the information on purchasing.
Get a Fans-tasy Taste of our new Fox Friend

Park’s Duffy and Friends Themed Delicacies

Fill up on fans-tasy energy with a series of themed delicacies in park, including the LinaBell waffle at Outdoor Vending Carts, LinaBell-themed afternoon tea with three tiers of eye-catching delights at Main Street Corner Cafe Hosted by Coca-Cola®, and the LinaBell donut at Main Street Bakery. They are so cute you'll have to give social media a bite of the action—with a selfie—before you grab a taste.
Welcoming LinaBell

Start Your Fans-tasy with Fandom Activities

Let’s give Duffy’s newest friend a big, warm welcome, with a series of delightful digital activities. Welcome LinaBell by using custom social profile pictures and using our new Instagram filter. As well as dressing up in Duffy and Friends-themed outfits and colors to show your support in the park, you can download an adorable new digital electronic lightbox on your phone so you can cheer on LinaBell during her debut and at every meet and greet after.

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