Hong Kong Resident Offer

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Hong Kong residents can enjoy special ticket offers on 1-day ticket until June 24, 2019.

MyDisney fans are entitled to enjoy many PLAY, SHOP AND DINE privileges (including a special edition Disney gift and multiple discount vouchers) upon a Park Ticket purchase.
1-Day General Admission Ticket
(Ages 12 - 64)
HK$639 619
1-Day Child Ticket
(Ages 3 - 11)
HK$475 458

Enjoy non-stop fun in 2019

Be amazed by Disney magic in 2019 as Hong Kong Disneyland Resort brings you more magical experiences than ever. Amazing events will surprise your senses all-year-round, including all-new immersive attractions, exciting festival celebrations, memorable hotel accommodations and dining services, as well as all-new merchandise items. Enjoy a magical Disney holiday and be immersed in the “Play, Shop, Dine & Stay” experience with celebrations throughout the year!


Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle! Go All-in!

The world's first 'Ant-Man and The Wasp' attraction debuts at Hong Kong Disneyland! Experience the excitement of shrinking down to the size of an ant at the Park's second Marvel attraction - Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle!, as you fight alongside Ant-Man and The Wasp against the evil forces of Hydra. Go all-in to become part of this epic battle!

iron man experience

Take Flight with Iron Man Above Hong Kong

Step into the technological wonderland of Stark Industries at the Stark Expo. Pick up a pair of StarkVision glasses, and prepare to be launched into a whole new era! Each flying Expo Edition Iron Wing is powered by its own arc reactor and features all the latest Stark Industries technology – including heavy-duty armour plating, artificial intelligence and self-healing glass.

Once you’re cleared for take-off, you’ll be taken on a thrilling aerial tour of the city to get a unique perspective of the latest and tallest addition to the Hong Kong Skyline – Hong Kong Stark Tower. Just a word of warning, there are reports of Hydra elements operating in the region. Be prepared for action!

iron man experience

Heroic Encounter with Iron Man

Don’t miss an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to personal encounter with Iron Man at Iron Man Tech Showcase presented by Stark Industries.

Important Details
  1. Hong Kong residents with the following identity proof are eligible for this offer:
    1. valid Hong Kong Identity Card; or
    2. for guests aged 3-11, valid Hong Kong birth certificate and a recent school handbook issued by a school located in Hong Kong. (“Eligible Guests”)
  2. The offer prices are only applicable to the purchase of 1-Day General Admission Tickets and 1-Day Child Tickets (each an “Offer ticket” and collectively the “Offer Tickets”)  to Hong Kong Disneyland (the “Park”) and are not applicable to other ticket types.
  3. Eligible Guests will receive a confirmation email after purchasing the Offer Tickets on the Website. Before entering the Park, Eligible Guests are required to present (i) the confirmation email issued by HKITP and (ii) personal identification mentioned in paragraph 1 above at the turnstile for verification purpose.
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