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目錄                                2    ࠔɻ̵ڡˇϋྠඟٙ༑ A Message from the Disney Youth Team

           CONTENTS                          4    Ңࡁٙଣׂ Our Mission
                                                  Ό˙Зኪ୦฿ᚎ Life-wide Learning Overview
                                             5    ชᑽՌ Testimonials

                                                  迪士尼青少年奇妙學習系列                          可申請全方位學習津貼
                                             12                                         Eligible for
                                                  Disney Youth Education Series         Life-wide Learning Grant
                                             14   ̼ຯ෤ଡ଼ Kindergarten
                                                  h ࠔɻ̵˜ਗ™ٙෳ। How Things Move
                                                  h ࠔɻ̵ਗ೥઺܃ Disney’s Animation Magic
                                                  h ࠔɻ̵௴จ݂ԫ઺܃ Disney’s Creative Storytelling
                                             18   ʃኪଡ଼ Primary
                                                  h ࠔɻ̵45&".ኪ୦΂ਕ   ઞ॰ऎ௔٤                   全新課程
                                                                                           New Program
                                                     Disney STEAM Missions: Land, Sea and Air
                                                  h ࠔɻ̵ਗ೥઺܃ Disney’s Animation Magic
                                                  h ࠔɻ̵߅ኪБਗ Synergy in Science
                                                  h ࠔɻ̵45&.᜗᜕Б Disney’s STEM Exploration      推介課程
                                             24   ʕኪଡ଼ Secondary
                                                  h ࠔɻ̵يଣ˰ޢ Disney’s World of Physics
                                                  h ࠔɻ̵ٟึઞ॰ʘࣚ Global Perspectives: An Adventure in Our Society
                                             28   ʕኪʿਖ਼ɪ೻ܓଡ଼ Secondary School & Post-secondary
                                                  h ࠔɻ̵ʈЪ᜗᜕ѥ Disney’s Foundations for Career Success
                                                  h ࠔɻ̵ಛ܄؂ਕ᜗᜕ѥ Disney’s Hospitality in Practice

                                                  Disney Grad Days

                                                  迪士尼樂園探索之旅                                可申請全方位學習津貼
                                            34                                             Eligible for
                                                  Disney Theme Park Adventures             Life-wide Learning Grant

                                                  迪士尼演藝日                                  可申請全方位學習津貼
                                             36                                            Eligible for
                                                  Disney Performing Arts                   Life-wide Learning Grant

                                                  ʮකڌစ᜗᜕ Public Performance Experience
                                                  h Υਨྠ Choir
                                                  h ၍ָᆀྠ ᆀඟ Orchestra / Band
                                                  h ვᆀඟ Marching Band
                                                  h ႀᒋྠ Dance Ensemble
                                            40    စᖵʈЪѥ Performing Arts Showcase
                                                  h ᆀඟʿΥਨʈЪѥ Band & Choir Showcase
                                                  h ႀᖵѥ Dance Showcase

                                                  Other Activities
                                                  Όࣧሙ̮ݺਗഄྌ Whole-school Outing Planning
                                                  ࠔɻ̵઺ᔖࡰ᜗᜕˚ Disney Teacher Experience Day

                                            44    జΤ˙ج How to Apply
                                            48    ૢಛʿ୚ۆ Terms & Conditions

               ͉ሙ೻฿ᚎהٙ͜הϞྡ྅සЪપᄿ͜௄dԨ͊ˀ݈ͦۃቇٙ͜਄ੰʿτΌણ݄  ԷνԽᏖɹ໅ʿڭٟܵʹ൷ᕎ f༉ઋሗ׵Ցஞۃᓭᚎ֜˙ၣ१f
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