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             Life-wide Learning emphasizes on student learning in authentic settings. Such experiential learning enables

             Disney Youth Programs cover the five major life-wide learning elements. Students can achieve the aims of
             whole-person development and develop the life-long learning capabilities that are essential to flourishing
             Learning Grant for our programs. Please refer to Education Bureau’s website for more details.
               1   ၾʈЪϞᗫٙ຾᜕                                   2   ᜗ᖵ೯࢝
                   Career Related Experiences
                                                                  Physical and Aesthetic Development
                     ࠔɻ̵ڡˇϋփѶኪ୦ӻΐ                                          ࠔɻ̵စᖵ˚
                     Disney Youth Education Series                         Disney Performing Arts
                        ࠔɻ̵ʈЪ᜗᜕ѥ                                             ʮකڌစ᜗᜕
                        Disney’s Foundations for Career Success              Public Performance Experience
                        ࠔɻ̵ಛ܄؂ਕ᜗᜕ѥ                                           စᖵʈЪѥ
                        Disney’s Hospitality in Practice                     Performing Arts Showcase

               3   ᄆ࠽ᝈ઺ԃ                              Ό˙Зኪ୦ٙ                    4   ٟึ؂ਕ
                                                                                    Community Services
                   Values Education
                                                      Five Major
                     Disney Youth Education Series  Life-wide Learning         ࠔɻ̵ڡˇϋփѶኪ୦ӻΐ
                        ࠔɻ̵ʈЪ᜗᜕ѥ                                               Disney Youth Education Series
                        Disney’s Foundations for
                        Career Success                                            ࠔɻ̵ʈЪ᜗᜕ѥ
                                                                                 Disney’s Foundations for
                        ࠔɻ̵ٟึઞ॰ʘࣚ                                                Career Success
                        Global Perspectives:
                        An Adventure in Our Society                               ࠔɻ̵ٟึઞ॰ʘࣚ
                                                                                 Global Perspectives:
                     ࠔɻ̵ᆀ෤ઞ॰ʘࣚ                                                   An Adventure in Our Society
                     Disney Theme Park Adventures
                                         5   ౽ঐ೯࢝ Intellectual Development

                      ࠔɻ̵ڡˇϋփѶኪ୦ӻΐ Disney Youth Education Series
                         ࠔɻ̵˜ਗ™ٙෳ।                ࠔɻ̵߅ኪБਗ                  ࠔɻ̵௴จ݂ԫ઺܃
                        How Things Move          Synergy in Science        Disney’s Creative Storytelling
                         ࠔɻ̵ਗ೥઺܃                  ࠔɻ̵STEM᜗᜕Б               ࠔɻ̵يଣ˰ޢ
                        Disney’s Animation Magic   Disney’s STEM Exploration  Disney’s World of Physics
                         ࠔɻ̵45&".ኪ୦΂ਕ   ઞ॰ऎ௔٤
                        Disney STEAM Missions: Land, Sea and Air
                      ࠔɻ̵ᆀ෤ઞ॰ʘࣚ Disney Theme Park Adventures

        4  | Ό˙Зኪ୦฿ᚎ   Life-wide Learning Overview
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