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                  A MESSAGE FROM THE
                  A MESSAGE FROM THE                                                                                          我們的理念
                  DISNEY YOUTH TEAM
                  DISNEY Y           OUTH TEAM                                                                                OUR MISSION
                                                                                                                              OUR MISSION

                  親愛的校長及老師:                                                                                                   華特.迪士尼先生曾說:「孩子們的思維及創意就是我們最大的自然資源。」

                  「迪士尼青少年團隊活動計劃」自二〇〇六年推出以來,已為超過六十萬名學生帶來富有啟發性的                                                                 迪士尼青少年團隊活動計劃,以互動方式帶領學生學習,啟發思考,發揮創意。
                  生健康的措施,團隊繼續盡心設計精彩的活動課程,將樂園變身成驚喜處處的教室。                                                                          全方位學習 — 從實際體驗中學習
                  展、價值觀教育、體藝發展、與工作有關的經驗、社會服務等。另外,學校可以就相關課程申請全                                                                    擴闊興趣
                  最重要的是,我們與教育界專業伙伴長期緊密合作,用心聆聽他們對課程項目的寶貴意見。我們                                                                     建立自信和發揮團隊精神
                  STEAM的全新課程,旨在積極培育高班至小三學生的邏輯思考、解難及創造能力。                                                                         締造兼具娛樂、教育的開心難忘經歷

                  驗,促進師生全面發展!                                                                                                 Walt Disney once said, “The greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.”
                                                                                                                              Disney Youth Programs strives for excellence in education by inspiring your students with ─
                  Dear Principals and Teachers,
                                                                                                                                 Life-wide learning — Learning from practical experience
                  Since its launch in 2006, Disney Youth Programs has welcomed more than 600,000 students
                  for  an  inspiring  and  fun  learning  experience.  Our  work  has  never  stopped  despite  all  the         Creativity and imagination enhancement
                  challenges in the past two years. On top of implementing a series of health and safety
                  measures, our team has continued to deliver brilliantly designed new activities, leveraging                    A broadening and deepening of interests
                  our Park as a living and exciting classroom.                                                                   A safe, nurturing learning environment
                  With the needs of educators and learners close to our hearts, our program now covers all                       Heightened confidence and team spirit
                  five core Life-wide Learning areas specified by the Education Bureau, including Intellectual
                  Development, Values  Education, Physical and Aesthetic Development, Career Related                             A memorably entertaining and fun way to learn
                  Experiences, and Community Services. Thus, to facilitate the efficient use of resources,
                  schools can apply the Life-wide Learning Grant for many of our programs.
                  Most importantly, we will continue to enhance our programs based on the feedback and
                  comments of members from the education profession, with whom we have maintained a long-
                  term, fruitful relationship. Our activities are regularly reviewed and fine-tuned to ensure that
                  they effectively add to the learning experience of participants. This year, we have launched
                  a newly developed STEAM program which aimed at cultivating students in K3 to P3 logical
                  thinking, problem-solving skills and creativity.
                  Please join us in our living classroom at Hong Kong Disneyland to inspire, motivate, and foster
                  all-round development for everyone while having fun!

                  Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
                  Disney Youth Programs

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