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                  A MESSAGE FROM THE
                  A MESSAGE FROM THE

                  DISNEY YOUTH TEAM
                  DISNEY Y           OUTH TEAM




                  Dear Principals and Teachers,

                  It's hard to believe that it has been 17 years since the launch of Disney Youth Programs at Hong
                  Kong Disneyland. During this time, more than 600,000 students have had the opportunity to
                  experience the magic of learning with us. Despite all the challenges in the recent years, we
                  never stopped enhancing our programs for schools and youth groups, and we can’t wait to
                  share our newest line-up of interactive learning activities with you.
                  What did we consider when designing these latest programs? For one, we’re excited to be
                  able to integrate many new Park happenings into the learning experiences. To make learning
                  both fun and meaningful, we have also continued to align our programs with our community’s
                  ever-changing education needs, ensuring that they cover all five core Life-wide Learning
                  areas set out by the Education Bureau. Our aim is simple: to help our youth cultivate practical
                  life skills, values and attitudes, empowering them to thrive and grow long after they complete
                  our programs. And the benefit isn’t only for students – with many of our programs eligible for
                  the Life-wide Learning Grant, schools can make more efficient of their resources when they
                  work with us, too.
                  We know that the learning needs of students evolve with time. That’s why we regularly review
                  our programs to ensure that every module can effectively engage and spark their interest. In
                  this process, we’re grateful for the insights and encouragement that you and other educators
                  have been generously sharing with us, and we’re delighted to have you as a partner in bringing
                  these enhanced programs, which you’ll find in the following pages, to life.
                  Come and join us in our living classroom at Hong Kong Disneyland, and together, let us inspire
                  learning and whole-person development with fun and imagination!

                  Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
                  Disney Youth Programs

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